What would your company do without data?

What would happen to your company’s data during a disaster? Could you retrieve your data if you lose your server? How long would it take your IT team to recover your company’s information? How much will it cost you to stay out of business because you lost your data? 

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, INTECH Disaster Recovery as a Service is the solution you’re looking for. This managed data recovery service is executed on AZURE and guarantees fast and secure access to your information at any time.



Implementation: Our tech team will design and personalize this service, tailoring it to your company’s needs.

Tests: We will conduct periodic tests to detect and solve incidents when needed.

Monitoring: We integrate an automatic 24/7 monitoring system, with alarms to identify and solve any incident.

Reports: We offer you access to our Reports Portal, where you can see the functioning metrics of your system, the tests conducted, and all incidents.


Cost-effectiveness: You can maximize the efforts of your IT team on other tasks and you won’t need a costly infrastructure to have this service available.

Speed: We can recover your information from cloud servers faster, as compared to traditional servers.

Security: This service is delivered following AZURE’s best security and encryption practices.

Resilience: Your business will continue fully functional during any disaster.


This solution is executed on Microsoft Azure by a highly-qualified team of experts in the implementation and optimization of this technology. We personalize this managed service, tailoring it to your needs and freeing you of any worries, so you can maximize your efforts in other areas of your business.