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Intech’s Knowledge Management Advantage

As far as we know, Intech is the only IT company in Puerto Rico –and perhaps in the Caribbean- with its own knowledge management (KM) department. Albeit a medium size company, Intech’s president decided to create this unit in 2012 to obtain a competitive advantage. Even though KM has been around since the 1990s, many organizations in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean remain unaware of all the benefits that this practice can bring to their businesses.  KM integrates three vital organizational resources:  people, processes, and technologies to increase knowledge production, retention, and exchange among members of the enterprise to encourage innovation and competitiveness.  Knowledge Sharing

Multinational companies have embraced KM because it allows them to leverage the utilization of the knowledge and advisory capabilities of their staff throughout the world.  Carla O’Dell (et al) aptly titled book If Only we Knew What we Know (1999), made us realize that through the transfer of internal knowledge and best practices we can exploit inherent –yet unrealized- benefit from the treasure trove of ideas, how to, and actionable intelligence contained in the heads of our organization’s people and the tons of data we hold in our archives and IT systems.

At Intech, we have established a systematic practice to use ITIL to improve our service management processes, we have adopted specialized technologies to systematize sales and service metrics and; most importantly, we have developed a knowledge map of our staff to help us assign them to tasks appropriate to their expertise. Beyond that, we have met the challenge of guaranteeing consistent service quality by encouraging our professional and expert consultants to participate in Communities of Practice and to develop Run Books and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to systematize service delivery performed by them and by other specialists.  These are live documents, continuously updated in a collaborative effort among authors and practitioners. These SOPs help us expand the reach of our expertise and reduce the need to physically move the author to attend each service call.

Intech is currently implementing a Microsoft Share Point Online document management and collaboration portal to further simplify information access anytime, anywhere, and through any device.  If your organization is interested in developing a competitive advantage through knowledge management, feel free to contact Intech to initiate a dialog on how we can help you achieve this objective.

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