Is your company ready to work remotely?

COVID-19 opens a new question for companies: Are they ready to continue working remotely without affecting the communication and service you offer to your customers? In most cases, the answer is no.

How do we help you achieve it?

Intech offers you a series of services and products so that your team can work remotely effectively and without interruption:

Teams is an Office 365 application that will allow you to hold meetings, collaborate, manage your schedule, and chat with your coworkers.

This application is a great tool for your company to continue in full operation and for your employees to stay connected with each other and with customers.

Faced with the crisis caused by COVID-19 in China, Office365 Vice President Lily Zheng wrote an internal letter about the remote working experience. Zheng states in her statement that her clients had the ability to quickly adapt to working online with the help of tools like Teams.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a comprehensive application and desktop virtualization technology that runs from the cloud. She offers you:

  • Easy and secure access: users can connect to the virtual desktop from anywhere and access their files and documents without problem.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Once the installation is complete, the user can access the virtual desktop from any device, including tablets, so the company does not have to buy new equipment.
  • Security: The data located on the server will be protected even from the remote user’s device.

Working remotely is possible!

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