Multinational Life Insurance Company and Multinational Insurance Company are companies dedicated to offering life, cancer, and disability products, as well property and contingency products.

The Obstacles They Faced

The client developed a new CORE system to replace their existing one, executing on AS400. They developed the application in ASP.Net C# with SQL Server, covering the entire operational cycle, from policy quotes to accounting, all in an integrated manner. This generated a significant number of registries that are tied to the marketing and sales strategies that keep their portfolio constantly growing. The SQL Server was being executed on a virtual Azure machine and was presenting scalability and elasticity challenges. These were being mitigated by adding CPU and RAM resources to the virtual machine, but the availability of the application was affected.


We refactored the database located in a SQL Server Standard executed in a Windows Server 2019, and migrated it to an Azure Platform service called SQL Manage Instance.


SQL Manage Instance

What We Achieved Together

With this migration, we helped Multinational achieve a 99.99% availability of its database, eliminating a layer of tasking from the operational system, while adding elasticity and scalability capacity without affecting application availability. With this solution, the client can achieve their goal of delivering excellence in the insurance field, satifying their clients, and winning the trust of their people.