The Office of Management and Budget (Oficina de Gerencia y Presupuesto) helps and advises the governor, and all three branches of government, regarding the management and use of public resources, and promotes an effective government that guarantees the results that citizens value.

The Obstacles They Faced

Technological obsolescence and growth capacity due to performance demands were some of the challenges they needed to address in the most efficient manner, especially for systems that offer services directly to citizens, such as issuing Good Standing certificates.


To address the problems faced by the Office of Management and Budget, a virtual “data center” was configured in Azure and servers were migrated from the main data center that executed in VMWare – most of these servers executed different distributions of Linux. ‘Virtual appliance’ and software dedicated to charge-balancing services were replaced by Azure native services..

What We Achieved Together

By migrating the servers to Azure, we managed to speed up considerably the response time of the application. This allowed handling the growing demand for certificates requested daily, achieving an availability of 99.99% because of the resilient design of the application and the high infrastructure availability architecture of Azure.



Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Application Gateways.

With this solution, we helped the Office of Management and Budget effectively deliver the results that citizens value.