Efficient call management goes beyond a phone and someone to answer it. Intech’s Contact Center solution focuses on boosting customer experience by improving your existing telecommunication infrastructure or building it from scratch. Combining trustworthy hardware from Cisco and Avaya with Intech’s consulting expertise, we implement an intelligent solution that integrates with the rest of your business’ technology infrastructure. Contact Center solution can be applied to customer service, human resources, sales, and marketing scenarios, as well as internal communication networks.

Features include:

  • Intelligent Call Handling – Customize call routing and treatments based on customer-defined combinations of call center conditions
  • Skill-based Routing – Route callers to the resources best equipped to handle specific inquiries or customer segments
  • Comprehensive Management Reporting – Provides managers with decision making tools, from real-time displays to historical reports that reflect contact center activity, agent performance, resource utilization and trends
  • Open Interfaces – Supports third-party applications such as reader boards, workforce adherence and scheduling
  • Investment Protection – Grows and adapts to a company’s evolving needs, employing open architecture, flexible design, and built-in scalability
  • Voice Self-service- Allows 24×7 service availability with advanced speech recognition