Custom Services

By Intech

IT Support, Managed Services, and Cloud Computing
Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs

Integration Technologies carries over 15 years of experience designing and implementing customized IT support services and solutions for clients with unique needs. We accept all challenges as an opportunity to make a difference.

Every organization has its unique qualities and with them, unique needs. Many small and mid-sized businesses can find what they need in mass-market software packages designed to cover the most common IT scenarios and service needs. However, when it comes to enterprise and companies that are rapidly evolving, a more tailored service experience may become necessary. Even with the best retail solutions, customized integrations might be needed for information migrated from a legacy system.

Personalized Approach to Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing Services are in high demand as cloud technology becomes increasingly present in our day-to-day operations. Since most companies are migrating from on-premise legacy systems, a hybrid environment will likely be the best option to begin your Digital Transformation process. This will often data to be integrated from the old ERP and CRM software; Intech’s expertise with custom integrations will help you ensure business continuity and a seamless transition. Intech can work with customized cloud solutions for small business and cloud enterprise solutions as well.

Building the Right Combination

The wide offering of available technology services and software can become overwhelming for business leaders looking for a solution that fits. Integration Technologies is dedicated to helping you find the right measures to cover your organization’s necessities. Our consulting can help you find the balance of managed services, SaaS licenses, cloud computing services, and IT support services that will boost your operation’s efficiency.

Cost-Effective and Made-to-Measure

The term “Custom Services” may sound like an expensive solution, but part of the consulting effort goes towards finding and providing a cost-effective combination of managed IT services and support for our clients. As an IT provider, Intech understands the need to deliver both operational and financial efficiency in its solutions.