Microsoft Phone System and Teams Implementation and Adoption Service

By Intech

Integrating Teamwork and Communications in a Single Platform

Modern Collaboration Tools

Teamwork relies heavily on effective communication. When a project requires collaboration from two or more people, it’s necessary to provide communication that is organized, transparent, and speedy. Modern day organizations have adopted tools that ease effective communication such as Exchange for email, Sharepoint for document management, and Skype for Business and Teams to manage communication through chat, conference calls, and phone calls to keep collaboration flowing.

Intech’s Microsoft Phone System and Teams Implementation and Adoption Service provides all required services. With Microsoft Teams, we provide a solution that incorporates email, chat, notifications, document Exchange and every Skype for Business function in one single tool.

Reinvent the concept of Teamwork

Besides its own functionalities, Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with multiple Office365 services (i.e., Exchange, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Skype for Business, Planner, Forms, PowerBI, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.) as well as with other applications outside of Microsoft such as DropBox, GoogleDrive, SalesForce, and others. This ability to integrate a wide array of modules gives Teams great flexibility to turn in the portal for unifying collaboration in your organization.


Skype for Business, on the other hand, is a virtual telephony system that allows you to substitute your traditional PBX Phone system.  Skype for Business is an intuitive tool designed to be user-friendly with call, videocall, and conferencing functionalities where live presentations can be displayed.

Intech adds value to the capacities of Skype for Business and Teams with its digital transformation consulting, knowledge management, and organizational culture transformation.

A Flexible Platform

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams adjust to the size and needs of your organization in a simple and intuitive manner. We can make a quick transition from your current collaborative tools to Microsoft Phone System y Teams with a low learning curve for the members of your team.

Besides permanent users, this collaborative teamwork solution allows you to add temporary users for whenever outside collaboration is needed. Invitee accounts can have permissions adjusted to allow the necessary access for transparent teamwork, with the proper restrictions to make sure confidential information is protected from external agents.

Empower your team work – Implement Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams now!

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